Doprava ZDARMA po celé ČR k nákupu nad 2100 Kč. CANNEFF® lze objednat i do vaší lékárny. Objednání žádejte přímo ve své lékarně.
1190 x 397 CBD gel balance 2 3 ENEYE CREAM 1200 x 1200 EN
1190 x 397 CBD gel balance 2 ENGEL 1200 x 1200 EN
1190 x 397 CBDenzyme Cream ENGENZYME EN

21st Century Cosmetics

Try CANNEFF® – the first cosmetics in the world that uniquely combines the most recent scientific research and active substances to achieve strong regenerative effects.

The fundamental feature of the CANNEFF® cosmetics is the high content of non-psychotropic Cannabidiol (CBD) and distinctive composition of every product. The day cream contains make-up setting waxes, the hand cream contains special microparticles that create a protective non-sticky layer on the skin, the body milk is based on an oat emulsifier and it has a highly soothing effect. The enzymatic cream contains CBD, prebiotics, eco-ceramides and  hyaluronic acid for a visible anti-aging effect. Every CANNEFF® cosmetic product is unique and its effects are substantiated by studies.

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