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Product Set CANNEFF® GREEN. Skin – small 2

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Maximal anti-ageing effect with minimal effort! Apply after make-up removal and skin tonization for best results.


  • CANNEFF® GREEN. CBD Fermented ZEN Serum Anti-ageing cocktail combining state-of-the-art active substances – CBD, precious oils, butters and waxes – in concentrated form. Very easily absorbable, lecithin-based emulsion is able to shield your skin from undesirable irritants in the environment. The serum eliminates skin redness, stimulates synthesis of your natural collagens I and III, smoothens wrinkles and improves compactness of the skin. Apply both in the morning and in the evening on perfectly clean and tonized skin of your face, cleavege and neck. Feel free to cover the serum with facial cream if needed.
  • CANNEFF® GREEN. CBDenzyme Cream -Extremely potent and intense enzymatic therapy containing CBD, prebiotics, eco-ceramides and hyaluronic acid for complex anti-aging effect. The cream moisturizes and softens the skin while optimizing the natural skin microbiome. The high content of effective substances gives the serum its specific natural scent. Minimally perfumed, maximally useful and efficient, in accordance with the philosophy behind this product. For those who seek visible effects! The CBDenzyme cream is a unique skin care product that enhances regenerative processes in the skin cells. It is essential to apply the enzymatic therapy every day in the evening before bedtime for at least one month (28 days). The effects are already visible after one completed therapy cycle – the skin is significantly smoother, tightened, brightened, moisturized with wrinkles reduced. We recommend applying the full therapy 4 times a year (once every 3 months). Apply to toned facial skin and cleavege with make-up completely removed, ideally using CANNEFF CBD Micellar Make-up Remover and CANNEFF CBD Skin Tonic.
Nakupte tento produkt a získejte 61 bodů pro vaše další nákupy. Více o CANNEFF+

1471 in stock

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