Doprava ZDARMA po celé ČR k nákupu nad 2100 Kč. CANNEFF® lze objednat i do vaší lékárny. Objednání žádejte přímo ve své lékárně.


Only a handful of cosmetics manufacturers in the world are able to utilize a unique technology that enables them to combine Cannabidiol with other highly effective substances  – hyaluronic acid, plant ceramides and stem cells, squalane, pure natural oils and vitamins and benefit from the synergies between the substances.  CANNEFF® is among the world leaders in this effort.

In the process of research & development, medical remedies are evaluated in pre-clinical and clinical testing. We test for safety and irritability, we verify the efficiency of used substances in the given concentration, we determine the correct dosage. We cooperate with our own scientific board. That is the only way to guarantee the effects of our products and that is also why we had become the first manufacturer of cosmetics to achieve strong regenerative effects due to the unique combination of the most recent scientific research, high content of non-psychotropic Cannabidiol and effective active substances.

CANNEFF® – always based on evidence

Meet the people behind Canneff®

Jan Storch - foto

Ing. Jan Storch, Ph.D.

scientist,  CANNEFF® co-owner

Jan majored in organic chemistry at the University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague and was awarded his doctorate by the Czech Academy of Sciences, where he still serves as a chairman of the Department of Advanced Organic Synthesis Materials. It was the fascination by chemical processes (not only in the human body) that always kept him moving forward. His scientific research in the field of industrial separation of one of the most promising and scrutinized substances nowadays – cannabidiol (CBD) – resulted in the founding of the pharmaceutical company CB21 Pharma s. r. o. and the CANNEFF® brand, both of which he currently co-owns.

This is what he has to say about CANNEFF® and cannabidiolu: „The majority of cannabis-based cosmetics manufacturers makes products with some content of cannabis oil. The oil itself is great, but it contains merely trace amounts of cannabidiol. We were able to isolate pure non-psychotropic cannabidiol and include it to every CANNEFF® branded product. Simply put, cannabidiol induces regenerative processes in the skin and enables its proper physiological function. When used in cosmetics, cannabidiol has exquisite effects on dry, irritated and over-sensitive skin, it swiftly and efficiently soothens irritation and redness of the skin, it effectively moisturizes the skin and significantly accelerates the rate of skin regeneration. Using cosmetics with cannabidiol content induces the proper physiological function of the skin.”

Ing. Lenka Průšová

formulator of cosmetics, cosmetics safety evaluator, CANNEFF® co-owner

After graduating from the University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague, Lenka started to develop household chemicals, salon-quality hair products and finally other cosmetics, as far as in Toronto. After completing a course at Vrije University in Brussels she became the youngest cosmetics safety evaluator in the Czech Republic. Together with her colleague Honza Storch they introduced the CANNEFF® brand that stirred up the cosmetics market in the Czech Republic (and beyond). Lenka is a co-owner of CB21 Pharma s.r.o. – the only Czech pharmaceutical company with the GMP certificate for remedial CBD (cannabidiol) production.

This is what Lenka has to say about CANNEFF®: „I connected my name with the proffession of a formulator and with the pursuit of quality, or exceptional quality in case of CANNEFF®.  I developed the recipes for CANNEFF® products owned by CB21 Pharma from scratch. Let me use an analogy with an apple: my colleague Honza Storch gave me the most beautiful, the reddest and the most delicious apple in the world (cannabidiol). However, that does not mean that the apple pie made from it (the cream) would also be the best. Honza Storch had delivered the best apple, I had been studying the technology of apple pie baking. The mixture of substances delivering cannabidiol within the product are always developed for a maximum effect during and after use.“

Lenka Prusova - foto

„The brand name CANNEFF® originated as an acronym for Cannabis and Efficient.“


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