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About Cannabidiol

„Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a unique substance extracted from Cannabis plants.“  

Only a handful of companies in the world were able to utilize a unique technology, that enables them to combine Cannabidiol with other highly effective substances  – hyaluronic acid, plant ceramides and stem cells, squalane, pure natural oils and vitamins and benefit from their synergies.  CANNEFF® is among the world leaders in this effort. There are many skin types and for every skin type, there should be a customized approach to skin care. However, Cannabidiol is effective on every skin type, simply because every cell in the human body is naturally equipped with Cannabidiol receptors – CB1 and CB2 receptors. Cannabidiol binds with these receptors and positively stimulates the cells. Cannabidiol induces regenerative processes in the skin and supports its proper physicological function. When used in cosmetics, Cannabidiol has delightful effects on dry, irritated or hypersensitive skin. It soothes irritation and redness of the skin swiftly and effectively, it softens the skin and greatly accelerates its regeneration. Using Cannabidiol-based cosmetics induces proper physiological function of the skin.

Other active substances in Canneff® cosmetics

CANNEFF® cosmetics are revolutionary not only in their use of Cannabidiol, but also in the perfect combination of CBD and other effective substances. Learn about some of them.



A unique polysaccharide inherent to the human body is capable to bind with water. Hyaluronic acid is the most effective moisturizing substance on the market. In our emulsions we use hyaluronic acid with very low molecular weight (3 – 10 kDa) that is capable of moisturizing the skin almost instantly.



CANNEFF® uses several types of extracts from seaweed. The extracts are usually highly soothing and counteract photo-aging and skin redness.



Squalane is a substance forming a so-called hydrolipidic system of the skin. Sufficient amount of squalane “cements” the skin cells together, counteracting evaporation. It softens and moisturizes the skin at the same time. Squalane used in CANNEFF® products is created in the process of biofermentation of sugarcane.



The comfrey plant stem cells induce the production of our own collagen, restore the youthful compactness of the skin and enhance the protective barrier properties of the skin.



Proteolytic enzyme Subtilisine accelerates desquamation (separation of dead cells from epidermis skin’s surface), softening and brightening the skin up. Subtilisine increases the availability of skin nutrients.



Prebiotics are substances that make the  „friendly“ microorganisms thrive on the surface of our bodies and thus stabilize the function of the natural skin microflora. Prebiotics enhance the protective barrier function of the skin and in effect brighten the skin up.