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EFFECT by CANNEFF® Product Set Big

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EFFECT by CANNEFF® is a line of luxury functional and decorative cosmetics developed in cooperation with Petra "Lovelyhair" Vančurová.

The EFFECT by CANNEFF® Big Set includes:

EFFECT by CANNEFF® Face Oil – A luxurious anti-aging skin care product based on melon seed oil and squalane, it perfectly softens and moisturizes the skin of the face, neck or cleavage. You will appreciate its effect especially in cold and frosty weather. The product is not perfumed, the pleasant scent is due to the organic plum oil content. The oil is suitable for normal or dry skin.
EFFECT by CANNEFF® Multi-effect CBD Serum – A luxurious lecithin-based moisturizing serum containing ACE vitamins, precious oils, ceramides, CBD and hyaluronic acid for a comprehensive anti-aging effect. With a gentle and quickly absorbed texture, it will suit all skin types. Apply to perfectly exfoliated and toned skin. If necessary, cover with a cream afterwards. The subtle natural perfume enhances the overall experience of the product.
EFFECT by CANNEFF® Radiant CBD Cream – A luxurious liquid crystal-based cream with an instant brightening effect. Thanks to three different moisturizing principles, the skin is moisturized in a very comprehensive way. The high content of squalane, shea butter and vegetable petrolatum combined with oat and indigo extracts guarantee the skin is quickly soothed. The light-breaking micropigment perfectly illuminates the skin, yet the resulting effect is very natural. The emulsion is designed for normal and dry skin. Apply ideally after using the Canneff® by Petra Multi-effect CBD serum. The product is suitable for use under make-up, where the brightening is even more noticeable. A subtle natural fragrance enhances the overall experience of the product.

Nakupte tento produkt a získejte 98 bodů pro vaše další nákupy. Více o CANNEFF+

1469 in stock

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